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Mission & Vision

The Kessler School Mission

The Kessler School creates a community of diverse learners that values individuality, cultivates
a passion for learning, instills a respect for others, and promotes leadership and community

The Kessler School Vision

The Kessler School community collaborates in equipping our students with skills and values that
help develop self-sufficient, high-achieving learners and aspiring leaders.‚Äč

Our Core Values

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Mission Statements


The TKS leadership mission is to support staff in their professional development and facilitate continued growth of the school culture to include academic rigor and community engagement which align with The Kessler School vision.


TKS Specials team mission is to enhance the school's curricula by integrating age appropriate learning experiences for students based on their development. Teachers foster independence through social emotional learning and leadership while building proficiencies in physical education, Spanish and library learning objectives.


TKS Pre-K team is committed to providing a highly stimulating and play-based program, designed to equip children to enter kindergarten. Through robust play, hands-on activities and thoughtfully planned thematic units, teachers strive to foster healthy learning dispositions for taking risks, as well as positive attitudes towards school, learning and their community.

Kindergarten -2nd Grade 

TKS K-2 team is committed to providing a rigorous and supportive learning experience in all academic areas including social-emotional development for students. Teachers encourage and model respect and stewardship toward peers, community members and the environment.

3rd - 8th Grade 

TKS upper school mission is to energize scholars to discover their place and purpose in the world at large by: developing important academic skills and intellectual potential through a rigorous academic experience; cultivating a socially responsible environment of innovation through creativity and critical thinking; and engaging in a broad range of real-life experiences for the betterment of the community.