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Who We Are

Discover The Kessler School 

The Kessler School’s approach to instruction aims to prepare students for any educational challenge they may face in the future. By providing a tailored instructional model for each child, our goal is to foster confidence and creativity as a platform for their success.

TKS is a "Workshop" school. We follow the workshop model for teaching reading, writing, and phonics based on the incredible work of Lucy Calkins and the Reading and Writing Project from Teachers College at Columbia University. Every classroom from kindergarten to middle school follows this same model of instruction providing routine and consistent expectations throughout the school.

The workshop model for literacy instruction focuses on time, volume, and choice. Students need extended periods of time with their eyes on print to become better readers and with pencils in hand to become better writers. Students in every classroom learn to become goal-oriented where they set their own reading and writing goals for volume and learn to self-regulate their own reading lives. Finally, the element of student choice provides autonomy children thrive on to flourish. Our mathematics curriculum is a research-based and field-tested approach effective in developing students' understanding and skills that produce abundant mathematical minds. Exemplary instructional materials are used to provide joyful rigor to learning, spark curiosity and impart knowledge.

We are proud to have contracted with the Mad Science Group Inc. offering weekly interactive STEM Lab instruction reinforcing the skills students learn in the classroom.

The Kessler School has also partnered with local art studio Oil and Cotton who offers our students a fresh and thoughtful curriculum that fosters the appreciation of art history, material science and process. 

Social and emotional development is equally, if not more, important to student learning at The Kessler School. Teachers take a positive and responsive approach to creating a safe, joyful and inclusive school environment. Our partnership with families, knowing them and valuing their contributions, is as important as knowing the children we teach.