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Who We Are

Discover The Kessler School 

The Kessler School’s approach to instruction aims to prepare students for any educational challenge they may face in the future. By providing a tailored instructional model for each child, our goal is to foster confidence and creativity as a platform for their success.

TKS is a "Workshop" school. We follow the workshop model for teaching reading, writing, and phonics based on the incredible work of Lucy Calkins and the Reading and Writing Project from Teachers College at Columbia University. Every classroom from kindergarten to middle school follows this same model of instruction providing routine and consistent expectations throughout the school.The workshop model for literacy instruction focuses on time, volume, and choice. Students need extended periods of time with their eyes on print to become better readers and with pencils in hand to become better writers. Students in every classroom learn to become goal-oriented where they set their own reading and writing goals for volume and learn to self-regulate their own reading lives. Finally, the element of student choice provides autonomy children thrive on to flourish. 

Fountas & Pinnell Assessments and Reading Levels FAQ

A "Just Right" book is one you are interested in and that you can read accurately, fluently, and with good comprehension.


Purpose- I have a reason to read this book.

Interest- I am really interested in this topic, story, or author!

Comprehension- I understand the text and can retell it (story elements, big ideas, and supporting details).

Know- I know almost every word and I can read it smoothly and with expression.


Sometimes a student might be very interested in reading a book but it is too difficult. That book might be a good one to read aloud to the child or a parent/teacher can provide an alternative way to access the book, such as through an audio recording or interactive read aloud online. With continued progress, a book that was too hard at one time will eventually become one that the student can read independently!