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Meet the Teachers

Check out our teachers and their classrooms below!

What Our Teachers Say About The Kessler School

I love that The Kessler School is very much a neighborhood school. We are a community that depends on each other across grades and stages. The families here are very invested in our community as a whole, so the TKS net stretches beyond the walls of the building.
Mrs. Craine, Pre-K I Teacher

I love the autonomy I have in my classroom. The low student to teacher ratio means I get to spend ample time getting to know my students and their interests and shape our learning environment to reflect them.

Mrs. Hayes, Pre-K II Teacher

 I really enjoy the small class size TKS provides. It allows teachers and families to form close lasting relationships, and everyone tends to know each other. TKS really does feel like a family! 

Mrs. Bell, Pre-K II Teacher

The students are so joyful and creative at The Kessler School.  So, I enjoy all of the people I see at school: the students and my fellow teachers, like Sr. Mendez, and everyone joining in to make it a busy learning place.

Mrs. Pearson, Music Teacher