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Financial Aid



Tuition Assistance Scholarships Available

 Scholarships are awarded each school year and are available for Kinder - 8th grades only. Scholarships may be awarded by The Kessler School (TKS) upon recommendation of the Scholarship Committee, whose membership is determined by the Director with approval of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (or the Chairperson's designee).

Deadline for Tuition Assistance/Scholarship Applications is February 15th. 

Policies and guidelines for awarding scholarships include the following:
  • FACTS Grant and Aid applications are available online beginning in November of each year.
  • Applications must be submitted to FACTS no later than February 15th.
  • Because scholarships are based in part on financial circumstances, applicants shall provide personal and financial/tax information to FACTS Grant and Aid.
  • Upon confirmation by FACTS Grant and Aid, the Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applicant family's commitment to TKS, including volunteer hours and participation in the school's fundraising activities.
  • Scholarship awards are based on the financial needs of families and on the need of The Kessler School relative to grade placement and balancing class sizes, with scholarship awards reserved primarily for grade levels Kindergarten through Seventh Grade.
  • The number and amount of scholarships awarded may be limited by the availability of funds, by considerations relating to enrollment and class size, or based on other needs of TKS as determined by the Head of School, Scholarship Committee or the Board of Directors.

Non-Discrimination Policy:
It is the policy of The Kessler School to administer its educational programs, including admission and financial aid, without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin.
​We are an inclusive community.