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What Our Families Say About The Kessler School

The Kessler School is an outstanding educational resource for our family. The best proof of that? We have two boys with two very different learning styles and personalities, who are both happy and eager to go to school every day.  We couldn’t be more pleased with what our boys are learning and who they are becoming as people. Please take a school tour and consider becoming an extended member of the greater TKS family.
Peter Short & Sue Batterton, Parents, The Kessler School

You will be happy to know, that in our opinion developed through our research, TKS has the best academic rigor balanced with the most opportunity for enrichment through specials (Spanish every day, PE/recess, art program, etc.) and alternative learning programs, like OWLs. And I found TKS testing methodology to be by far the most advanced in terms of individual bench marking and informing teachers to individual learning styles. In short, you should feel extremely proud of what you all have built to be a shining gem in our neighborhood, more over our City.

Leslee Mallinson, Parent, The Kessler School

These precious children have no idea what a wonderful experience they are having and how blessed they are to have this school. In all my experiences of schools The Kessler School is the best I have ever experienced. Children are happy, Children are engaged, and teachers are compassionate.

Nancy Brown, Grandparent and Educator.

What Our Teachers Say About The Kessler School

At The Kessler School, we are a family.  We are a strong and effective team, loyal to one another, and devoted to every student who walks through our doors.  Our steadfast commitment to each student at The Kessler School ensures that every learner is appreciated and encouraged, all while allowing space for creative expression and the exploration of new skills.  As educators we believe in one another, we believe in our students, and we believe that in order to create a space that is extraordinary, we must see our role as intentional, purposeful, and valued.  Because of this, we are a family.

Jesse Bartlett, 4th Grade Teacher, The Kessler School

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