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North Texas Giving Day at TKS

At The Kessler School, we believe in nurturing well-rounded students who are prepared to face whatever challenges life may throw at them. We accomplish this by developing our students’ creativity and passion for the arts and by helping our students develop healthy mindsets through physical activity. 

In other words, our mission is to create an UNLIMITED student experience here at The Kessler School. In addition to our individualized curriculum, we’re building a network of supportive Oak Cliff partnerships to further enrich student development through arts and athletics. 


“We chose to live in Oak Cliff because of its rich culture. TKS, powered by the TKS Annual Fund, incorporates that richness to making the TKS experience so unique. That might be my favorite thing!"
- Kevin Doeksen, 2022 TKS Annual Fund Co-Chair

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Gettin' Arty in the OC!

For the last seven years, The Kessler School has partnered with Oil and Cotton to develop an arts program that sparks our students’ creativity and challenges them to develop a fresh, original perspective as they learn how to find inspiration using different types of media.

This year, we’re also working with them to develop a plan to add musical theory to the middle school curriculum in the second semester. That, along with a regular TKS guitar lab led by Oak Cliff School of Music, will help integrate the grade levels to create a more cohesive student body that works together to create rich, musical programs.

Because of the Annual Fund, we’re able to expand these local partnerships to craft a more expansive, truly unique arts experience for each of our students at the Kessler School. 

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"Partnering with locally-owned businesses like Oil & Cotton awakens the entrepreneurial spirit while also teaching our TKS students to hone their creative arts ability. The TKS Annual Fund powers our ability to enhance the TKS experience with these kind of unique collaborations."

- Vanessa Ullmann


Studies have consistently shown that physical activity improves brain maturation and development, as well as cognitive performance and academic achievement, in students ages 6 to 13. Physical activity has also been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in children and young adults.

Regular physical activity is vital to a student’s growth and development into adulthood, and the benefits of habitual exercise will last a lifetime. By teaching our students the importance of physical activity and play, our students are well-rounded and better prepared to become active participants in the world around them.

Daily blocks of gym time in PE are part of the regular Kessler School experience. “Our students really enjoy our tag games each Tuesday, or ‘Tag Day Tuesday’,” says Coach Richard McMurry. “Other popular activities include whiffle balls, jump rope, soccer, four square, and tennis. I coach soccer teams each year as well. These teams have been successful, winning multiple league championships. Our girls’ volleyball teams have won championships in the past, too.”


"Watching these students play and compete on the court and in the field is a true joy. I see their minds opening up every day while they connect with themselves, their peers, and the outdoors. It's so important!" - Coach Richard McMurry

The Kessler School also offers our students enrichment opportunities outside of the regular school day. We want to give our students more opportunities to explore their interests and challenge them to make healthy goals.

“Physical education helps students develop physiologically, psychologically, and socially,” says Coach McMurry. “It teaches students healthy habits that follow them into adulthood, including lifetime physical fitness, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.”

Right now, we’re exploring a possible partnership with Oak Cliff Gymnastics to introduce movement studies into the Kessler School experience next year. There would also be the potential for students to showcase their best moves in a special presentation for parents.

When you make a gift of $100 to our Annual Fund during North Texas Giving Day, your gift will help us expand the range of athletics we can offer our students, to help them learn about the importance of exercise and develop essential skills like resilience and good sportsmanship.

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